5 Web Design Trends to Gear Up for in 2019

Posted by Mario Diaz

At last count, 4.1 billion people are using the internet regularly. That number has grown exponentially from where we were a decade ago when just 1.5 billion people were online.

That growing digital population means it is vital for your business to have an exceptional website that’s on pace with web design trends and meets consumer’s growing expectations.

To help put you on the right track, our team has put together this article. In it, we are going to outline 5 of the top trends you’ll start seeing on websites in 2019!

1. Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds have been growing in popularity since 2016 but we feel they’re going to be among the go-to web design trends come 2019.

Streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook and others have all proven via their billions of hours of daily content consumption that people online love video. As a matter of fact, they prefer them as a means of communication when compared to still images and text.

That’s why you may want to consider placing a full-screen video banner on your site’s homepage that captures traffic’s attention and keeps people on your website.

2. Chatbots

Bots on websites trying to direct user engagement are nothing new.

The sophistication that chatbot platforms like Aivo and Botsify have brought into the mainstream, however, have truly solidified the worth of integrating an AI into your sales funnel.

Not only can Chatbots provide excellent upfront customer service, they can also help users navigate your website by suggesting products. Look for Chatbots to pop up on more websites as webmasters look to up their service game and drive more sales.

3. Single Page Design

People have shorter attention spans than goldfish today. When they access a website online, they want it to load fast and they want to find what they’re looking for faster.

That’s why one-page designs are going to see an uptick in adoption among 2019 web design trends.

One page designs force you to be concise in your presentation. They also, tend to dominate Google Page Speed tests and can get customers to where they want to go in a scroll or two.

4. Serif Fonts Breakthrough

Sans Serif has been the traditional way to go with your web fonts. That’s because mobile phone resolutions and sub-par font support made serif font rendering a dicey proposition.

With how far mobile has come in the way or replicating traditional desktop experiences and growing sophistication of browsers, expect to see more businesses getting creative in their implantation of serif fonts throughout their design.

5. Mobile First Approach and Decreased Page Load Times

We’ve combined these two design trends into one because both have been front and center the last 3 years. Still, as companies continue to one-up each other, you’re going to find that 2019 brings with it more attention for mobile users and page load speeds that are truly remarkable.

Wrapping Up 2019 Web Design Trends

2019 is going to bring with it a ton of new web design trends that are aimed solely at improving user experiences and peaking customer interest.

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