How Long Does It Take to Design a Website?

Nearly 90% of customers are less likely to return to a website if they have a bad experience. Building a website isn’t a simple matter of adding some images and text. It takes careful planning, thoughtful design, and time to craft the perfect site that your visitors will enjoy. The question is, how much time? […]

What Are the Different Types of Digital Marketing?

With more interactions happening online than ever before, businesses need to have an online presence to give them the ability to engage with online consumers. Considering that 93 percent of all online experiences start with search engines like Google, having an established online presence will lead consumers to your brand rather than the competition. There […]

The Common Types of Websites for Businesses

Did you know that 57% of internet users say they wouldn’t recommend a company based on a poor website experience on mobile? Websites for businesses are a great way to advertise the brand. They also help potential customers find information about the products and/or services. To help you prepare for your chat with a professional […]

On Page vs Off Page SEO: What Is the Difference?

There’s a reason why the SEO industry market value is quickly approaching $80 billion. More companies than ever before are discovering the powerful marketing potential behind search engine optimization. If you’re new to SEO, then you might still be confused by a lot of the concepts. Considering how in-depth the topic is, that’s perfectly natural. […]

The Importance of Website Design in Business

Did you know that 47% of humans are off daydreaming? This means, if you want their attention, you have to grab it! How can this be achieved? This becomes increasingly important for your brand or business. A clean website design is one way to ensure that people will stick around. For your clients and customers, […]