How Long Does It Take to Design a Website?

How Long Does It Take to Design a Website?

Nearly 90% of customers are less likely to return to a website if they have a bad experience.

Building a website isn’t a simple matter of adding some images and text. It takes careful planning, thoughtful design, and time to craft the perfect site that your visitors will enjoy.

The question is, how much time?

This article answers the question of how long does it take to design a website.

Read on to discover the five phases of building a website. Learn the benefits of a professionally designed site versus doing it yourself. And estimate the time needed to create a site that will best promote your West Coast brand online.

The Process of Designing a Website

When asking how long does it take to build a website you must consider the various phases of design to launch:

  1. Discovery phase
  2. Design phase
  3. Development phase
  4. Alteration phase
  5. Launch

The discovery phase is the foundation of any design project and involves researching how the site will best serve your needs. That includes researching your customer base, their expectations, and competitor sites.

Discovery results in a project specification, the first step of which is the design phase.

Design and Development

User Experience or UX measures how users interact with a website and if they enjoyed their visit.

Fundamental to UX is structured navigation and pleasing aesthetics.

Users want a professional image that inspires confidence. They must be able to find the content they’re looking for and benefit from it.

Professional website designers like Enfuse will create wireframes to steer this process. You’ll see how your site will work and mockups give a taste of the end result.

The real work begins during the development phase when coding and image editing takes place. This includes responsive design so your site will work on a mobile device or any size of a screen.

Alterations and Launch

During the alteration phase, you have the ability to fully test your site and make any changes.

We show you how to edit the content yourself through the WordPress CMS platform. When you’re happy, we set the site live and you can track your visitors through the analytics tools.

How Long Does It Take to Design a Website?

Now you know the different stages of designing a website, how long before launch?

The answer depends on your own unique requirements and how quickly you can provide content.

Our clients typically see their sites go live within 4-6 weeks. That time period covers all phases of development including alterations to mockups.

Don’t forget that once your website is online you need to market and promote it. That will continue throughout your site’s lifecycle and will help push you up the search engine rankings.

DIY vs Professional Website Design

You might be wondering why you couldn’t just create a website yourself. Online services state that building a website takes a few hours so why invest in weeks of work?

The difference between DIY vs professional website design is the end product.

Customers can spot a professionally designed site as soon as they arrive. It will inspire them to do business with confidence and will better promote your brand.

That takes time but it’s time well spent.

Building a Website That Works

How long does it take to design a website?

At Enfuse, we average around 4-6 weeks for a custom-built site that will draw visitors and keep them coming back. We work alongside our clients to ensure they receive the website they deserve.

If you’re local to Orange, Los Angeles, or the Riverside areas of California, start a project by contacting us today.

The Common Types of Websites for Businesses

Did you know that 57% of internet users say they wouldn’t recommend a company based on a poor website experience on mobile? Websites for businesses are a great way to advertise the brand. They also help potential customers find information about the products and/or services. To help you prepare for your chat with a professional designer, we’ve listed some of the most common types of websites for businesses to consider.

Service Websites for Skilled Labor

This is the simplest option for small business websites. This site allows you to provide information about what you offer, such as your pricing and hours of operation.

You can also include a blog section that can drive traffic to your website. This is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With the right support, you can not only convert leads into customers and earn you a passive income through affiliate marketing.

E-Commerce Website for Selling Products

The best kinds of websites for anyone selling products to consumers, the easiest choice is to use WordPress platforms like WooCommerce or Magento. These accept orders online and process payments on the site.

E-commerce sites are also set up to work with your own physical inventory systems and existing technology. So if you already own a shop and are looking to take your products online, then investing in a high-quality e-commerce site is the way forward.

Portfolio Website for Freelancers and Creatives

Suppose you’re starting up a business in freelancing or need something to showcase your skills as a self-employed laborer. In that case, a portfolio is the one to choose from all the website types.

A portfolio website is sleek, minimal, and designed to make your talents stand out from the crowd. Check out our own portfolio for an example of a quality showcase of workmanship!

But don’t fall for thinking this is only for creative freelancers. If you’re a developer, you may want to have a website as a showcase for what you can do. Or, if you’re an interior designer, you can capture your previous work in a gallery-style portfolio to add value to your services.

Corporate Website for Business-To-Business

A Corporate Website makes you and your corporate business look professional and trustworthy, which helps customers feel confident about their buying decision. They are also a great way to showcase your company or brand identity.

Use the most common corporate website options such as WordPress and Adobe Creative Suite, to create a site with professional imagery and layout. And if your business already has an offline presence, use your corporate website to allow for quick lead capture and conversion.

The Right Types of Websites for Your Business

Your small business website reflects your company, and you should choose the right one for your specific needs. Take time to think about how your business will be using the website to make sure it’s going to support your business goals.

A well-designed website can deliver real value to your company and help it succeed in its online endeavors.

If you’re still stuck with the different types of websites, get in touch, and let’s start a project. We’ll help you make an informed decision about your digital future!

The Importance of Website Design in Business

Did you know that 47% of humans are off daydreaming? This means, if you want their attention, you have to grab it!

How can this be achieved? This becomes increasingly important for your brand or business. A clean website design is one way to ensure that people will stick around.

For your clients and customers, your website reflects your brand. It only makes sense to put the time to develop your page.

Interested in how to create a website that will shine? Read our guide below!

First Impressions

Whether in person or online, first impressions matter. Your website reflects your brand, so don’t take it lightly. When a user lands on a site that is well thought out, they will want to use your business.

You don’t want to give off the wrong sense with potential customers and clients, do you? We didn’t think so.

Build Trust

Transparency in business has become a popular character trait in the age of the internet. You will want a website design that is clean and simple. People can often sense when something feels a bit off with a business.

Don’t let this be your brand. Instead, focus on building a level of trust with your customers. This can be achieved with a clear and distinct feel.

When you put you and your brand out there, people will take notice.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Demonstrating a level of professionalism through website design is a must in today’s age. Users and clients expect a responsive design with the right set of images that pop off the screen. Hiring a website design company is necessary if you want to raise the stakes.

Be bold with your brand! Be sure to make good use of fonts, colors, and creative copy!

Take a peek at what the competition is doing. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all. By taking bits of inspiration here and there, your brand will soon be as sleek as the industry leaders.

Website Design Ideas

There are definite dos and don’ts of website design. If you want to take your brand to the next level, we encourage you to focus on proper website design ideas. Specific elements will create a visually appealing aesthetic that will have users visiting your site on the regular.

Be sure to go through a website design agency to kick it up a notch. A professional web designer will take your input and turn it into a beautiful website. If you would like a DIY approach, there are a plethora of website design templates to choose from.

Take a look at what you’ll need for a good, clean website design for your business.

  • Navigation – An intuitive navigational system
  • Responsive Design – A seamless look across desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Color – Follow your brand’s color scheme with 60% primary, 30% secondary, and 10% accent
  • Fonts – Create consistency with your font choices
  • Images – Have bold high-definition photography

This shortlist will have you headed in the right direction. You won’t want to stop there as your site begins to take shape and form.

Get Creative With Your Website Design

Are your creative juices flowing? We thought so! Take your website design to the next level with our creative solutions.

Take the time you need to create a page that people will know and love. If you are curious about where to get started, we’ve got your back.

Contact our team today! You’ll have a beautiful website for your brand in no time!

Premade or Custom: Are Website Templates a Good Idea?

When you’re trying to start an online business or develop and improve your online presence with a renovated website, you have a few options. You can hire a professional or you can “DIY” your website with premade website templates.

While website design templates are a tempting choice, are they really the best? Sure, you can do it on your own and get your website looking somewhat the way that you want, but at what cost?

We don’t think templates are a good idea for a business that wants to thrive. We’re here to explain why.

They’re Generic

One of the biggest problems with website templates is that they all have a similar look. While that look might be visually appealing, you’ll look the same as all of the other websites (including the ones in your niche).

You do have some control over the appearance of your site. And if you’re tech-savvy, you may be able to create something that’s somewhat unique. But a website that’s built from scratch will always be customized to you and your business.

They’re Bloated With Plugins

The “easy to use” drag and drop software that most DIY website templates use is convenient. But that doesn’t mean that it’s good for your website.

The plugins that make this option available can bloat your website, making it less efficient and more difficult to navigate. Plugins are full of information that your website doesn’t need, so the lack of efficiency isn’t worth it.

Ease of use is important. But when it comes to the customer experience, the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to easy DIY website building.

They Make Your Site More Vulnerable

When you have a custom website developed for you, developers know how to build the website with security in mind. Cybersecurity is everything when it comes to your business.

While DIY website platforms and templates have a lot of security due to frequent updates and an abundance of developers, they’re still vulnerable to hackers. If you’re not knowledgeable about installing updates and patches, you may find yourself facing security issues.

When you’re working with a professional website creator, they know how to manage these security problems when they come up.

They Don’t Scale Well

You want your business to grow and thrive, right?

With a DIY website, you’re limited as far as scaling goes. Unless you have significant know-how, you’ll find yourself struggling to maintain the website as your business grows and changes and your needs also change.

A website developer can make the required changes to the site with ease. And they know what changes you need depending on your situation, even when you’re unsure.

Website Templates: Are They Really the Best?

Many business owners opt to use website templates instead of hiring professional web designers, but this isn’t the best option. If you want a website that’s unique, scalable, and secure, it’s best to go with the professionals. A good online presence is crucial in 2021; don’t risk it.

If you want to use a professional web design company for your business’s website, we’re here to help you out. Get in touch to arrange a meeting so we can get started with your project.

The Big Trends in Web Design to Look Out for in 2021

More people are online than ever, thanks in large part to the pandemic forcing businesses to close and many employees working from home. This has created a trend among businesses that many experts are predicting is here to stay – a focus on web design.

Web design is so important because it’s the first thing consumers associate with the company and can help you stand apart from the competition. According to Standford’s Web Credibility Research, 75 percent of consumers reported making assumptions of businesses’ credibility based on their web design. 

Keep reading to discover the trends in web design to look out for in 2021 and how you can capitalize on them to get a step ahead of the competition.

1. Backing up the Facts

People want to see the facts, they don’t want to know what you might be able to accomplish, they want to know specifics. Analytics is becoming a critical factor for businesses to develop, as it can give insights into what is working for you and what needs to be changed. 

These facts and figures can also motivate consumers to complete an action, like click the call-to-action. Seeing data being presented to you helps ease doubts and allow the customer to decide based on facts.

The best part about presenting data is the flexibility and creativity that can come along with it. Breaking down data into easy to comprehend visuals can make it even easier to portray your message to the user. 

2. Dark Mode

A welcomed change from the bright, eye-catching colors that have been used in the past, dark mode is becoming one of the most anticipated web design trends of 2021. 

The dark mode gives any website an instant modern update that allows other features to “pop.” Implementing a dark theme can also make it easier for users to read at night without straining their eyes. If you haven’t noticed yet, many popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have already begun rolling out dark mode. 

3. Color Branding

Color branding is another 2021 web design trend that is set to explode in popularity. Companies are beginning to understand the significant benefits that come with an established brand. 

Good branding is what separates companies like Apple and Amazon from the rest of the pack. It’s what gives companies a personality and makes it feel like you can connect with them. Color is an important factor in branding, as studies have shown that colors can invoke certain emotions like excitement, trust, and security.

Since the color blue tends to put people at ease and promotes a sense of trust, it’s the most popular choice among businesses. The next most popular is red as it can increase heart rate and tends to grab attention. 

Looking to Get Ahead of These Trends in Web Design?

Web design is becoming increasingly more important for companies looking to make a name for themselves online. Growing your customer base online can be challenging by yourself – trying to focus on business operations, and growing your online process. It might be worth considering hiring a web design agency to help you increase your visibility online and grow your brand.

If you are looking to get ahead of these trends in web design and give your business the online presence it deserves, contact us today, and we can help you get started.

4 Common Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The web is a huge place where people can find tons of information, and one thing you’re going to want people to do is find their way to your website. But, when you’re looking to use a website, one of the first things you need to think about is the website design.

Designing a website can be full of fun and excitement, but tons of things can go wrong. We want your website to be the best it can be, and that’s why we’re going to share some web design mistakes that are commonly made and ways that you can avoid them.

1. Busy, Busy, Busy

When you’re using various templates to complete your site’s design, it can be easy to use various fonts, images, and more throughout the site. But, if you’re not careful, your site may become busier than you intended it to.

When your site is too busy, it can make it challenging for potential customers to find what they need to find. And not to mention, when a website has various things on its page, it will take longer for the page to load for the customer when they are looking you up online.

The longer it takes to load a page, the higher the risk of the customer leaving the page altogether. Trust us. Sometimes less is more.

2. No Call To Action

The call to action is one of the most essential pieces of your site design. When you’re creating your digital marketing strategy, you and your team should sit down and create a call to action.

When creating the CTA, ask yourself, what do you want the customer to do? What emotions do you want them to feel? Having these answers will help you move the customer to do what you would like them to do when they’ve reached the end of the content you’ve posted.

3. Posting Boring Content

One of the worst things you can do is post the wrong content on your site. When it comes to content, you need to take the time to assess your target audience and decide what type of content they respond the most too.

You can post a couple of types of content in the early stages and collect analytics about what content received the most customer engagement. After that, you can schedule the release of other content based on your findings.

4. Posting Wrong or Outdated Contact Information

Your contact information should always be current because it’s how customers and other potential clients will let you know when they have questions or need to get in touch with you concerning their orders. When your information is not updated, it may lead a customer to think about what else on the site isn’t updated, causing them to question the attention you put into your site.

If you don’t have the time to keep up with your site, hiring a company to assist you with website design is the best way to go.

Web Design Mistakes: Avoid Them You’ll Thank Us Later

We know that some of these web design mistakes may seem silly, but you’d be surprised how many people make these mistakes. Things like not posting the right content or leaving outdated information posted on the site are not a good look.

But, when you start a project with Enfuse Creative Design, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We know what attracts customers to a website and want to help you experience maximum sales and customer engagement.

You Haven’t Seen This Web Design List On Buzzfeed

In a lot of ways, your company’s website is the business card of the 21st Century. It tells potential clients a lot about you, and if your website isn’t as good as it could be, that first impression could be bad. And that is bad for business. Savvy companies hire professional website designers to make sure their website is the best it can be. There are many benefits to getting a website designer. It saves you time and money and gives your company the cachet of a world-class website. With that said what are some of the best reasons for hiring a professional? Let’s take a look at five reasons to hire a modern website design firm. This is a web design list you won’t see on BuzzFeed!

1. Professional Website

Professional web design companies don’t hire amateurs. They only hire talented designers to work on your website. Often large projects are broken up into parts so that more than one designer can work on it.

Having your site done professionally gives your company greater credibility, making your site look just as good as the other large companies out there. A well-designed website is a competitive advantage. Use it!

2. SEO Integration

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used by professional website designers to get your website high rankings from search engines. For clients to find your site, a search engine has to find it first! SEO will take your site to the next level of rankings and make sure as many people see your site as possible.

3. Saving Time

You need a website, but you’re not a website designer. Doing it on your own means taking time away from running your business to learn web technologies. Unless you want a career in modern web design, leave it for the professionals.

Hiring a professional web design company will give you that time back, and your company’s website will be better for it. It’s a win-win. Put your focus where it’s needed most, into your company!

4. Responsive Design

These days, so many people have phones or tablets that they use to consume the web. This means new challenges for companies to have websites that work on all these platforms. This is called Responsive Design.

When your site is created with Responsive Design in mind, your site will just work on all these different platforms. This is important, as you never know what device a potential client is using to get to your site. Professional website designers always create websites with Responsive Design in mind.

5. Maintenance and Support

Creating and deploying your website isn’t the end. When you hire a professional web design firm, you’re getting maintenance and support for your website’s future. This is important for your website’s continuity.

Not Your Usual Web Design List

This web design list is only the beginning of the countless reasons why it’s important to hire a professional web design company to build your website. Remember, your website is your first impression for your clients. Make it a good impression!

Did you enjoy this article? Then check out our website for more articles about web design and don’t forget to look through our services!

Modern Web Design Tactics Proven to Incite Digital Engagement

Have you scrolled down an impressively branded website recently and thought, “Wow, that’s impressive?”

Do you have your own business or looking to start one and don’t know where to begin with modern web design?

You’re in luck because we will tell you why you should implement modern web design and the top tactics you can’t forget! 

Why You Need A Modern Web Design

A well-designed and creative website helps you secure more customers and strengthen your brand. 

There are several benefits to changing your web design, including:

  • Brand awareness and association
  • Optimizing customer experience
  • Improving engagement

DIY can be great, but investing in quality design professionally done right is the way to go. Check out these three tactics we think are essential for your modern web design:

Mobile-Friendly Experience

How many times have you gone to someone’s site and instantly get frustrated with how poorly it loads or how tough it is to navigate from your phone?

Exactly, we all have. The number one tactic to implement when discussing a modern web design is ensuring it’s mobile-friendly. 

People want to access anytime and anywhere. If your site doesn’t work for their smartphone, they may count you out going forward. 

One way to improve the mobile experience is through white space since it allows for text shifts from screen to screen. Another great way to increase mobile usage is by adding social sharing icons. Make sure your user can share or save in whatever means they desire. 

Content to Engage With

When a user scans your website, you want to have something that will catch them.

You know when you’re shopping, and it says, “virtually try these glasses on before you buy!” Or, “take this quiz, and we’ll tell you how we can help you!” 

These are perfect examples of engaging content on sites that users will remember.

The Content Marketing Institute noted that 75% of users agreed that non-gated interactive content provided a taste of the brand, which resulted in a higher degree of lead nurturing.

Interactive content can be intimidating, but when you work with the professionals, they’ve got you covered. 

Effective Graphic Design Choices

Have you ever heard of white space? White space, as defined by Enfuse, “is the area between design elements, or within individual design elements such as letters.”

This can include any section of blank space, not strictly when it’s the color white. White space provides the following benefits to your graphic design strategy:

  • Declutters page
  • Helps direct the reader’s focus
  • Makes your text easier to read
  • Improves mobile experience
  • Creates sophisticated tone

Make sure your navigation is clear and concise, so they know what is clickable and what is a hover-able menu. You don’t want your users to get confused. 

So What Do You Think?

Have you kept track of the boxes your website already checks off, or do you need some help?

Is your site mobile friendly? How about engaging and designed well? Oh well, don’t worry because the best part is you have modern web design resources at your fingertips. 

When you’re ready to take your website up a notch, contact us today!

5 Signs You’re in Desperate Need of a Website Redesign

93% of people have left a website because it wasn’t correctly formatted on their device. It’s a testament to how important a website is for a business. 

Websites need to show up correctly on mobile devices, computers, and Ipads. Everything needs to be formatted correctly in addition to having excellent copy. 

But not every business knows they need a website redesign. Most businesses don’t specialize in web design or understand how it brings in customers. 

Here are 5 signs that you need to redesign your website and why it’s critical for business success.

1. To Communicate Your Brand

Your business brand should tell a story to your customers. A website that is dull and boring can convey the wrong message. 

A website that is innovative, colorful, and easy to navigate, offers your customers some perspective on how modern your brand is. It tells them how relevant you are in your industry. 

2. To Generate More Leads

You have to step into the shoes of your audience when you think about your website. 

If you want more leads, you should consider how easy it is to navigate through your website. You should make it simple to submit lead generation information. 

The goal of any website redesign is to generate more leads for a business. That means making your website simple to follow. 

3. To Create a Better User Experience

You don’t have to spend millions on a website redesign to create a better user experience. 

You do, however, have to give the user a unique experience. The goal is to keep them on your website. You want to show them what your business is about and how you can help them solve a problem. 

4. Your Website Currently Doesn’t Support Content Marketing

Content marketing is exploding in the form of blogs. More companies have blogs to answer questions their ideal customer would have. 

They also have blogs to rank their website higher. 

If you don’t have a blog on your website, it could be hurting your business more than you think. 

5. Your Website Is Outdated

If you haven’t updated your website in over 10 years, it could be time for an update. 

Your website may be taking forever to load and it isn’t mobile responsive. You might also have outdated third-party tools. If they aren’t updated, you could be losing customers. 

You can also find more information on our website on the six biggest trends in graphic design in 2020

Website Redesign Will Change a Visitor’s Perspective of Your Website 

A website redesign is about what your ideal customers want to see. You are presenting them with a solution as soon as they see your website. 

A website redesign makes a solution clearer. It speaks to the problems of the customer and how a solution, which is evident on your website, can help them. A newer, more marketable website will convert more leads and generate more business profit. 

For more information on a website redesign, check out our website services

The 6 Biggest Trends in Professional Graphic Design Styles to Try for a New 2020 Design

Design has the power to communicate ideas and influence your potential customers to make a buying decision. This year begins a brand new decade, which means that it’s a great time to assess the past decade and look to the future. It’s a thrilling time to be in the field of design, or even to just appreciate the creativity and influences of different 2020 design disciplines.

What are the 2020 design trends to look forward to? Read on to find out.

1. Typography Evolves

Typography has the power to influence people to experience an emotion. More designers are experimenting with typography

Expect to see bigger and bolder fonts that stand out. You should also expect to see more overlap in types. For example, you may come across a type that’s large and transparent over an image. On top of the transparent text is the additional text that isn’t transparent.

This overlapping text will be seen on websites and in other formats like magazine layouts.

2. Monochrome Color Filters

Designers have shifted over the past couple of years from using duotone in images to going for monochrome.

Monochrome color filters are used to simplify a look and to create unity in the design. Color unity can reinforce a brand’s image in the mind of the consumer.

3. Flowing Shapes and Lines

It’s incredibly important for your business to seem authentic and relatable.

Shapes and lines that flow can convey that your brand is approachable and relatable. That relatability is a way to establish trust. That can increase your sales.

4. Minimalist Websites

The real estate that websites can take up is getting smaller and smaller. More and more people access websites using their phones, and it’s forcing graphic designers to take a different approach to create a user experience on all devices.

The main approach is to use minimalism in website design. That’s using a less is more approach. You’ll see more whitespace, fewer images, and bold text that gets right to the point.

Minimalism is going to be the 2020 design trend for landing pages.

5. GIFs are Out. Animation is In

It’s easy to use GIFs in social media and branding. However, GIFs are so overused, that you can’t create a branded GIF that makes a lasting impression.

That’s forcing brands to think outside the box and get incredibly creative. They’re turning to branded animations. You can expect to see unique animations that will attempt to stand out in the crowded digital world.

6. Color Goes Punk

It’s more important than ever to stand out in a way that is unique. Brands and designers are turning to bright colors to do the job. No, we’re not talking 80s neon green.

One of the design trends of the year is to use bright pinks and purples to convey in various forms of design. Even though the Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue, designers are still going to maintain an edge by adding bright colors to the mix.

2020 Design Trends

There is no doubt that this is going to be an exciting year in the field of design. These 2020 design trends show that designers are trying to get creative to make an impact.

Do you want to know which 2020 design trends can work for you? Contact us today for a consultation.