The Top 5 Best Mobile App Ideas for 2020

The question continues to this day, “is there an app for that?” App ideas continue to rise to meet the needs of smartphone users around the world. In the United States alone, 81% of adults now own smartphones. That’s a pretty big market that you could be tapping into if you had creative app ideas. An […]

Mobile App Promotion: 6 Ways to Promote Your App

Just like in any other line of sales, the hardest part of the mobile app business is the conversion process. Just because you have a great app, it doesn’t mean you’ll be successful. How can you get the word out and get people to invest in your product? If you’re struggling here, don’t feel bad. Learning how […]

The Importance of White Space in Graphic Design

You’ve slaved over writing your content. You’ve found terrific images to complement your work. But somehow, it all looks cluttered and hard to read. Why aren’t you done yet? It might be that something is still missing–and you want to keep it that way. What you need in your design is white space, the empty space […]