5 Web Design Trends to Gear Up for in 2019

At last count, 4.1 billion people are using the internet regularly. That number has grown exponentially from where we were a decade ago when just 1.5 billion people were online. That growing digital population means it is vital for your business to have an exceptional website that’s on pace with web design trends and meets […]

Why you should update WordPress and plugins

WordPress is an open-source platform developed by a community of developers. With each new release, they fix bugs, add new features, improve performance and enhance existing features.  If you do not update your WordPress site (and plugins), you are risking your website security and missing out on new features and improvements.  If your website falls […]

The Top 5 SEO Best Practices in 2018

The world of search engine optimization is constantly evolving. Are the tactics you and your brand employ still up to par with what Google and your audience expect? Here are five SEO best practices in 2018 to help you get up to speed. 1. Structured Data Within the last year or so, many search engine […]

How to Get More Leads: 6 Useful Tips

Attracting leads is the biggest challenge for 65% of businesses. Most business owners struggle with marketing. Experienced marketers know that people need to hear about something several times (up to ten) before it really kicks in. However, they don’t have a plan to get their business in front of their potential customers that many times. […]

3 Ways to Achieve a Higher Search Engine Placement

There are over 67,000 Google searches every second. With potential traffic like that, your site’s search engine placement is more important than ever. But how exactly can you improve your websites rank? Here are 3 ways to boost your SEO so your site will rank higher and your business will attract more customers. Mobile First […]

5 Tips for Boosting Brand Value

Are you looking to build awareness for your small business and a raving customer base? Did you know that failing to connect with customers is one of the biggest reasons that small businesses fail? Creating a strong brand will help your business build serious rapport with your customers. Read on to learn five tips for […]

Google Positioning: How to Rank Higher

Positioning your business to rank higher on Google sounds daunting to someone starting a website for the first time. However, that’s mostly due to the fancy jargon. The basics of Google positioning actually aren’t that complicated. Ranking higher isn’t about writing in a weird language or putting enough keywords in the article. In fact, those […]