Facebook for Businesses Made Easy: 5 Tips for Instant Success

Posted by Mario Diaz

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in today’s market. In fact, it has over 2.2 billion global active users per month. When Facebook for businesses is used effectively, it can greatly improve the visibility of a brand. 

Right now, Facebook is generating an unbelievable amount of advertising revenue — $11 billion to be precise. Of course, smaller businesses can’t compete with the advertising power of corporations. They can, however, use specific and affordable social media marketing strategies to effectively improve their visibility on the app.

Facebook offers businesses unique social media management tools and opportunities that you can’t find elsewhere. Keep reading to find out more about the 5 marketing tips you can implement on Facebook to improve your business. 

1. Meaningful Content Curation

Content curation is a great tool for businesses on Facebook. It helps you keep your profile active, engage with current and potential customers, and demonstrate that you are an authority in your industry. 

Content curation has many purposes, one of them being search engine optimization to improve inbound marketing. Not only can you drive traffic from Facebook, but also with your blog post itself. 

2. A Captivating Cover Photo

The first thing a Facebook user sees when they visit your profile is the giant cover photo at the top. That means it needs to be intriguing enough for them to stay on your page and find out more about your business. 

Visual aids and infographics are much more interactive for users. They can process it quicker and easier, making your profile page more enjoyable overall.

3. Using Facebook Live

Like photos, videos are more engaging for Facebook users. Streaming on Facebook is a great, authentic way to connect with users. 

Before going Live, it’s important to be prepared. An unprepared stream can make your business appear unprofessional.

Make sure to choose an inviting title for your stream, use a mic for better sound quality, and pick an interesting topic for your video.

4. Engaging With Users

Algorithms dictate the visibility of profiles on many platforms. These algorithms are favorable to profiles that are active and often engaging with other Facebook users. 

Interacting with other users in an authentic manner also makes your brand more approachable. It humanizes your business, making users feel a genuine connection with your company. 

5. Encourage Check-In

Through a Google API, Facebook can put your business on the map — literally. With the check-in feature, you have another way to promote your business. 

You can encourage customers and other users to check-in to your business by offering them special discounts and other kinds of points for checking-in. If users see people are visiting your business, they will be influenced to do so as well.

Facebook for Businesses

In the past, advertising was a huge industry that companies shelled out billions for. Of course, that still happens today, but Facebook for businesses makes marketing easier and more accessible to smaller companies. 

Marketing success on Facebook can take time, so remain steadfast in your strategies and don’t give up before you see them pay off. 

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