7 BS Facts About Graphic Designers Everyone Thinks Are True

Posted by Mario Diaz

Some say graphic design is a dead field. This is understandable, but it’s the wrong perspective.

In 2019, the graphic design industry enjoyed $15 billion in revenue, with an annual growth rate of 3.5%. The projected numbers look shiny too.

We’re here to debunk 7 BS myths about graphic design. Let’s dive in!

1. Graphic Designers Only Make Logos

It’s not true that graphic designers only make logos.

Yes, a logo is definitely an important element for any company’s brand design. A good logo endures the test of time and imprints itself into our minds.

Think Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ swoosh.

Graphic designers understand that a great logo isn’t only about the logo. The logo is the starting off point for a brand kit that will include color schemes and typography. These elements together will embody the company’s brand.

2. Graphic Design, Only Fit for Print

Today’s graphic design includes a lot of web-based art. Like YouTube channel art, Facebook covers website design, blog banners, and much more.

But it also still includes traditional print mediums. like magazine or newspaper layouts, packaging design, and branded merchandise.

Since there is no ‘end’ to the internet, it’s easy to say there is no ‘end’ for graphic designers and their usefulness.

3. Still Images Only

Some people think that graphic design means only using still images. This is not at all true.

Graphic designers today can make striking GIFs and slideshows, giving a brand new, vibrant life.

Research has found that users find this type of graphic design five times more engaging. This is reason enough to invest in professional website design and all the extras.

4. You Need Fancy Tools and Innate Creativity

You can invest in fancy tools, but there is no need. Today’s graphic designer has amazing free tools at their fingertips.

And while there is a level of creativity involved, graphic design is just as much a science. There are formulas that work well. Once you understand them, creativity is easy.

5. Graphic Designers Only Make Things ‘Pretty’

Not quite.

Sometimes yes, creating something aesthetically pleasing is the goal. But as often, designers may try to evoke anger, or shock, in a viewer.

Every element is designed to evoke a response based on the brands’ needs or those of the designer.

6. 100% Original Every Time

Originality is important. But good graphic designers understand the science and build templates to easily create similar assets on an ongoing basis.

This hack helps designers offer impeccable consistency across all brand collateral.

7. Trapped by Trends

Graphic designers may keep an eye on relevant trends, but they aren’t forced to follow them.

Good branding stands the test of time. If designers allow trends to take too much focus, their work may quickly become obsolete.

Using timeless elements for things like logos is often a designer’s best bet.

Graphic Designers for the Win

It takes 50 milliseconds for a website to register a visual appeal. With that being the case, investing in professional graphic design makes sense.

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