The Top 5 Best Mobile App Ideas for 2020

Posted by Mario Diaz

The question continues to this day, “is there an app for that?”

App ideas continue to rise to meet the needs of smartphone users around the world. In the United States alone, 81% of adults now own smartphones. That’s a pretty big market that you could be tapping into if you had creative app ideas.

An app can mean putting your business’s logo in front of the user every day. It can be used to track certain behavior. It can even be set to give the user alerts throughout the day for whatever the app is centered around.

It all begins with a great idea.

We’ll explore five of the top mobile app ideas for 2020 below.

1. Dating or Social Meet Up App

One of the most influential app ideas out there is a dating app.

With the likes of Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, and Hinge sitting as the current ruling class of dating apps, there is likely to be a different angle to dating out there. People can use apps to find people to talk with and set up dates with filtered by location, profession, political party, and more.

Creating a dating app with a unique angle can be a great way to draw users in. It can also be a great way to sell advertising on the platform, allowing you to monetize and scale the platform.

2. A Wedding Planning App

With current events potentially changing the landscape of weddings in the future, offering different ways to plan and hold a wedding are a hot topic for 2020.

For example, a wedding planning service paired up with Zoom to host weddings virtually in Denver.

The wedding industry moves quickly, changing trends from one year to the next, so paying attention to the needs is critical as you develop your app ideas. Speak with those currently planning their weddings for the next year and find what they wish existed to make the process easier for them.

3. Driver Tracking App

Whether parents of new drivers would like to track their teenagers in their cars, or someone just wants to track the progress of their pizza delivery, a drive tracking app could be a creative app idea.

Creating a platform that other companies can use within their work might be a way to make the product more marketable. Insurance companies, in particular, may be interested if you have a unique take on the app.

4. Sports Score App

Sometimes you just can’t watch the game when it’s on, but checking Twitter feeds for score updates keeps you up to date on how the team is doing.

Hitting refresh on a webpage or a feed over and over can be frustrating for super fans who can’t actively watch or listen to the game. Maybe multiple games are going on at once that they’d like to keep track of.

Having an app that consolidates a team or a sport’s stats in one space, with live updates, could be a home run with sports fans. Pitching this app idea to teams or team owners could be a great way to grow it with a business.

5. Social Media App

Everybody is looking for the next social media platform to engage with. Having a unique idea can lead to an app that catches on.

App ideas like TikTok and Snapchat might have sounded wild to someone before. Finding the next way for users to engage, and to sell marketing space to companies who want access to those users, can be an app idea that changes how people interact.

What App Ideas Do You Have?

Have any of the ideas on the list inspired you to start creating an app?

Great app ideas can come to you as you hear yourself utter “I wish there was some way to do this.” If you’ve had that moment, contact us. We are ready to work with you on your next project.