Modern Web Design Tactics Proven to Incite Digital Engagement

Posted by Mario Diaz

Have you scrolled down an impressively branded website recently and thought, “Wow, that’s impressive?”

Do you have your own business or looking to start one and don’t know where to begin with modern web design?

You’re in luck because we will tell you why you should implement modern web design and the top tactics you can’t forget! 

Why You Need A Modern Web Design

A well-designed and creative website helps you secure more customers and strengthen your brand. 

There are several benefits to changing your web design, including:

  • Brand awareness and association
  • Optimizing customer experience
  • Improving engagement

DIY can be great, but investing in quality design professionally done right is the way to go. Check out these three tactics we think are essential for your modern web design:

Mobile-Friendly Experience

How many times have you gone to someone’s site and instantly get frustrated with how poorly it loads or how tough it is to navigate from your phone?

Exactly, we all have. The number one tactic to implement when discussing a modern web design is ensuring it’s mobile-friendly. 

People want to access anytime and anywhere. If your site doesn’t work for their smartphone, they may count you out going forward. 

One way to improve the mobile experience is through white space since it allows for text shifts from screen to screen. Another great way to increase mobile usage is by adding social sharing icons. Make sure your user can share or save in whatever means they desire. 

Content to Engage With

When a user scans your website, you want to have something that will catch them.

You know when you’re shopping, and it says, “virtually try these glasses on before you buy!” Or, “take this quiz, and we’ll tell you how we can help you!” 

These are perfect examples of engaging content on sites that users will remember.

The Content Marketing Institute noted that 75% of users agreed that non-gated interactive content provided a taste of the brand, which resulted in a higher degree of lead nurturing.

Interactive content can be intimidating, but when you work with the professionals, they’ve got you covered. 

Effective Graphic Design Choices

Have you ever heard of white space? White space, as defined by Enfuse, “is the area between design elements, or within individual design elements such as letters.”

This can include any section of blank space, not strictly when it’s the color white. White space provides the following benefits to your graphic design strategy:

  • Declutters page
  • Helps direct the reader’s focus
  • Makes your text easier to read
  • Improves mobile experience
  • Creates sophisticated tone

Make sure your navigation is clear and concise, so they know what is clickable and what is a hover-able menu. You don’t want your users to get confused. 

So What Do You Think?

Have you kept track of the boxes your website already checks off, or do you need some help?

Is your site mobile friendly? How about engaging and designed well? Oh well, don’t worry because the best part is you have modern web design resources at your fingertips. 

When you’re ready to take your website up a notch, contact us today!