7 Tips for Combining Graphic Design Trends With Expert Photography

Posted by Mario Diaz

They say an image is worth one thousand words. But a really well-made image might be worth even more.

This helps businesses become more recognizable and successful. Over 250,000 people work as graphic designers in the US. As more businesses learn to use visuals in their marketing strategies, it only makes sense to learn to implement these techniques.

Integrating expert photography can really make a graphic design pop. Keep reading for seven tips and ideas for combining graphic design trends with photography.

1. Surreal Visions

Generally, graphic designs and images captured on film are viewed separately. There are cartoons and then there are live-action movies, right?

Likewise, graphic design and photography seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum of visual arts. However, digital graphic designers can now seamlessly combine the two types of images.

This can result in a creative design with a dream-like or fantasy effect. 

2. Implement Text

Typography refers to the art of creating stylized, yet effect messages through text. It is is one of the cornerstones of graphic design.

When combined with photography, you can create an eye-catching message that also informs the viewer.

The text could be as simple as the name of the subject of the image. One idea is to creatively place quotes in a photo of the person who said them.

3. Larger Than Life Characters

Oftentimes, a graphic designer will create an image of a person for publicity. This can pose a unique challenge. 

A simple picture of a person might look mundane. It doesn’t always do justice to their artistic genius. There are so many ways to get the message across.

Add the angel’s wings to their back. Place them inside of a fantasy world. There are endless things you could do.

4. Rescue a Poorly Taken Shot

Generally, out of hundreds of images, photographers might only be satisfied with a handful. Some pictures are so close to being just right but have one fatal error.

A graphic designer can turn that miss into a big hit.

5. Less is More

When creating an image, it can be tempting to cram as much as possible. This is doubly true in this case. 

Some white space or blue sky can really make your image stand out. Don’t be afraid to go with a minimalist approach.

6. Find Inspiration

It doesn’t matter when you take things from but where you take them to. We’re not condoning plagiarism of course but there is nothing wrong with getting inspired by other artists.

If you look, there are plenty of examples that can give you ideas.

7. Get the Right Photography

Editing might be able to salvage a bad photo. However, editing a good photo is what truly creates a memorable image.

A Google Trusted Photographer has to earn their certification. Hiring one is a good place to start creating graphic design styles.

Staying Up to Date With Graphic Design Trends

The concept of combing graphics with photographs has been around for some time. However, we’re continuously discovering new ways to create magical images. 

Whether you are an artist, consultant, or a business owner, you need to evolve with the times. A visually appealing website, for example, stands out in the memory of your potential clients.

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