Is Email Marketing Effective? A Guide for Businesses

Posted by Mario Diaz

About 280 billion emails are sent each day. Many of them are marketing emails sent by businesses to consumers.

These numbers sound impressive until you pause to ask just how many of those emails get opened. A good deal of them hit junk inboxes, never to be seen again. In that case, you’re wondering, “Is email marketing effective?”

Many people have wondered the same thing. Despite reports to the contrary, there’s evidence email marketing is still effective. If you don’t use it already, you should consider an email campaign for your marketing strategy.

Of course, if you want your email marketing campaign to be a success, you’ll need to understand how it works. This guide explains everything you wanted to know about effective email marketing. We’ll also share some tips to help you make it work for your business.

The Basics of Email Marketing

The first two questions you have are likely what is email marketing and how does it work? These are common questions. Answering them is a great place to start.

Email marketing is the art of sending marketing materials via email. If you’ve ever received an email about a sale at your favorite store, you’ve seen email marketing in action.

This form of marketing is very similar to direct mail campaigns. Unlike those campaigns, email is instantaneous, low-cost, and has better lead-generating potential. You can deliver an email to a client in a matter of seconds, and they can click a link to take advantage of your promotion.

Is Email Marketing Effective?

We’ve answered the “how” of email marketing, but you’re still wondering how effective it is. Does email marketing work?

Some people will tell you no. Chances are these people have had limited success with their own email campaigns. It’s likely they’re making at least one common email marketing mistake.

Statistics, on the other hand, show email marketing works. The catch is you need to execute the campaign properly. Effective email marketing techniques are always shifting, so you have to act fast to keep up.

A few quick statistics show exactly how effective email marketing is:

  • Every dollar you spend on email marketing brings $38 in revenue
  • The ROI of email marketing outperforms direct mail by almost 30 percent
  • Email marketing still outperforms social media advertising

Given these numbers, it’s clear email marketing is a safe bet for your business.

How do You Make Email Marketing Effective?

The numbers show that email marketing is effective. If you want to be successful, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing email marketing right. How does email marketing work in 2018?

As mentioned, the most effective techniques are always changing. Consumers are quick to opt out of email marketing if they think you’re spamming them. It’s important to get both the content and the frequency of your campaigns correct.

In 2018, you have to be personalizing the emails you send. Dynamic text makes this easy to achieve. You also need to be sure you’re using good subject lines.

Start Your Campaign Today

So, is email marketing effective? You bet it is! The trick is to make sure you’re designing an engaging campaign for your clients.

Not sure how to get started building a great campaign? Get in touch to get some expert feedback on your email marketing efforts.