How to Get More Leads: 6 Useful Tips

Posted by Mario Diaz

Attracting leads is the biggest challenge for 65% of businesses.

Most business owners struggle with marketing. Experienced marketers know that people need to hear about something several times (up to ten) before it really kicks in.

However, they don’t have a plan to get their business in front of their potential customers that many times.

The solution is lead generation. It is the process of developing relationships with your customers every step of the way.

Here are some marketing tips on how to get more leads.

1. A Personal Touch

It starts the first time customers hear about your business and continues throughout the whole buying process. It even covers all of the interactions that you have after the sale.

Nurture the relationships that you have in person. Many businesses have people coming and going all day long. If you do, have your office in the front of your store so you can personally greet your customers as they come in.

If you know them well, you can talk to them about their family, weekend, and much more. When they leave, don’t forget to wish them goodbye. Ask them how their experience was, so you can ensure that you are making your customers happy.

2. Direct mail

Many businesses like to send out letters, mailers, postcards, newsletters, and much more to keep their customers informed.

Though most people don’t enjoy junk mail, many customers may sign up for a newsletter that comes to their home.

3. Email

Email is a great way to keep in touch with your customers, especially since more people are connected all of the time.

Many check their emails regularly (several times a day) and you can send people many things through an email such as blog posts, articles, invitations, coupons, and much more.

4. Social Media

Social media gives business owners another way to keep in touch with their customers. Make sure that you have a Facebook page for your business, as well as a Twitter account.

You may find many other avenues that would be perfect for your business. Instagram and Pinterest may work well for your business.

Then, make sure that you are posting regularly on these sites so that your business is in your customer’s feed often. Don’t just post about your business. Find other things that would interest your customers that are related to your business.

Don’t forget that if someone messages you with a question or leaves a question in a comment, try to get it answered as soon as possible. Your customers want to feel important.

5. Blogs, Vlogs, and Podcasts

Blogs, vlogs, and podcasts are a great way to get new interest in your business, as well as keep your current customers informed. When people are looking for information, they are likely to see one of your blogs, vlogs, or podcasts.

If it is good enough, they will start looking for more and then try to learn more about you.

6. Events

Have events at your place of business. If you have enough interested parties, you may want to have your event somewhere else so you can help even more people. Host people to give talks that your customers will enjoy.

Have an away day with target audience groups (for example moms or parents) or even other business owners.

How to Get More Leads

Now that you know how to get more leads, it’s time to get started. Focus on finding high-quality content that you can give to your customers.

Then, try to reach them on social media, email lists, and even direct mailings. The more ways that you can get in front of your audience, the better off that you will be.

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