The Top 5 SEO Best Practices in 2018

Posted by Mario Diaz

The world of search engine optimization is constantly evolving. Are the tactics you and your brand employ still up to par with what Google and your audience expect?

Here are five SEO best practices in 2018 to help you get up to speed.

1. Structured Data

Within the last year or so, many search engine users have begun to rely on rich snippets to obtain more information about a source. If you’re not sure what a rich snippet is, here’s a quick example.

Let’s say you’re Googling some restaurants in your area. You look at the first two search results and notice that their information is set up slightly differently.

One includes a brief description of the restaurant while the other includes a description as well as an overview of its reviews and general pricing information. The latter is utilizing rich snippets, and according to research, is more likely to get the click over its competition.

More importantly, the site that utilizes rich snippets is more likely to receive a better SERP ranking.

2. Layered Keywords

One of the biggest components of SEO has always been the use of great keywords. While keywords are still among the biggest factors among SEO trends 2018, the game has changed a bit.

Instead of relying on a primary keyword, many brands are utilizing secondary keywords to boost their on-page SEO. Now, it isn’t enough to have one great keyword for your content — you’ll need to come up with a list of at least half a dozen in addition to your primary keyword.

3. Voice Search

Hey Siri, show me why so many users prefer voice search.

Yes, even the fundamental way users search for information has changed thanks to AI-assisted technology. As a result, you’ll need to start tailoring your website and content to a voice-driven audience.

Think about natural phrasing one would use when searching for a topic instead of what sounded best to Google a year ago. The more natural and realistic your keywords are, the better.

4. Authority-Driven Content

With many people more skeptical than ever about what they read on the Internet, now is the time to establish your website as an authority.

If you’re not already in the habit of sourcing your information with reliable links, that needs to change ASAP. Before you link to a website, consider its sources.

Is the site a trusted leader in your field? Is the site secure? Is the information even relevant to your audience?

Yes, this requires more work on your part. However, proving yourself as an authority can be an invaluable asset to your site.

5. Reviews

Reviews are still one of the biggest factors in a business’ branding strategy. So it’s time to focus on generating more reviews for your business.

Many sites opt to include a testimonials page on their website but don’t forget to seek reviews from external sources, as well. Most customers are going to seek out reviews on a brand before a purchase, so having easily accessible reviews can help you make the sale.

These SEO Best Practices In 2018 Will Help You Dominate Google

After reading this list of SEO best practices in 2018, your head may be spinning. And understandably so.

Google’s frequent tweaking of its algorithm can be hard to keep up with. But for now, focus on implementing these five strategies.

And don’t forget, Enfuse is here to help. From creating gorgeous websites to generating stunning graphics to SEO and so much more, we want to help your brand succeed. So get in touch today and let us worry about the details.