How to Get Followers For Your Social Media Page

Posted by Mario Diaz

In 2015, 96% of businesses used social media marketing. By now, that number has to be closer to 100%. And if you own a business, social media should be playing a crucial part in your marketing strategy.

The name of the social media game is to get followers. But how do you accomplish this with your company’s social media profiles?

Here is a quick and easy guide to get followers and get more loyal customers.

The Top 7 Ways to Get Followers

There are many aspects of a great social media strategy, all of them harped on again and again. So here is the quick list of things you should already be doing:

  1. Post highly valuable content
  2. Make your social media bios professional
  3. Use relevant hashtags
  4. Engage with your audience
  5. Create a community: Share other content and make your content shareable
  6. Remain active (more on this later)
  7. Follow back

These are necessary across the board. No matter the industry, if you want to succeed in social media and get followers, implement all seven.

What Type of Content Should You Share?

Information over personal updates. This is the mantra you should establish as a business with social media pages.

If your goal is to get followers, it’s much easier if you share content that provides value to your audience. So, while you can share things about employees and your personal day from time to time, the majority of your content should help the fans.

Your audience wants to get something out of following you, not simply see what you had for breakfast or the latest company party.

Respect Your Own Authority

Be an influencer in your industry. You want to take an authoritative voice when it comes to sharing information over social media. This gives you the power of a thought leader, which means your followers will believe and buy into anything you sell (including actual products).

Engage with other leaders in the industry, stay updated with niche news, and give solid, quality advice. This inherently brings massive value to your fans, which helps with the previous tip.

Be Consistent and Happy

Post often, post continuously. Don’t create these huge content spikes where your fans suffer from information overload, only to go off the grid for a week. Keep it steady when releasing content.

As far as the mood of your content, make it cheerful. When you post negative or downtrodden content, it reflects in your follower’s attitude at the moment and towards your business. So steer clear of being too depressing or bitter – your fans will end up the same way.

Give Your Followers What They Want (and Often)

People want special offers. They want tremendous value for free (or for cheap). They want exclusive information, added attention, and they want it all the time.

So give it to them.

Your social media is a gateway to providing fans with your expertise. Give and give and give. Once you’ve given a lot – and we mean a lot – then you can ask them for something in return (i.e. buying a product or service).

This is how you get followers and, more importantly, get fans that will purchase anything you offer.

Get Followers to Help Your Business Succeed

Use these tips and tricks to improve your social media marketing. Get followers that hang on every word your company says and you’ll have a group of loyal customers who will buy every time.

If you want more help with your social media marketing, get in touch with the experts.