5 Simple Steps for Building Brand Awareness

Posted by Mario Diaz

You have a product, you have a team, and you have sales goals. But do you have a brand?

Sure, you have a company, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a brand. A business is often cold and faceless where a brand is warm and interactive.

If you’ve yet to start building brand awareness, you’ll want to start now. Here are five ways you can build brand recognition and get your brand in the public eye.

1. Know Your Brand

Before you become the most popular brand in your industry, you’ll first need to take a step back and figure out just what your brand is.

Your brand is so much more than what you sell.

It’s how you present your content and the type of tone you’ll use to market your product.

The more familiar you are with your brand, the better your marketing will be.

For instance, you’re not likely to use casual, conversational language in a B2B setting. But a more relaxed tone would likely resonate much more with a more general audience.

2. Stand Out

The Internet leveled the playing field, and now anyone can create their own brand with the right mix of moxie and business savvy. As a result, it’s crucial for today’s brands to stand out.

You’ll need a great web design that’s easy to use and graphic design that fits with your messaging.

The more unique your branding is, the better.

For instance, when we mention Old Spice, what do you think of? Likely not deodorant, but the silly, zany commercials the company ran several years ago. As strange as the commercials were, they did wonders for Old Spice’s brand recognition.

3. Create Guest Content on Partner Sites

You’ll certainly want to fill your website with original content. But creating content for others can be equally beneficial.

Guest posting has the ability to expose your brand recognition to an entirely different audience. Furthermore, it’s a great way to partner up with a like-minded brand and establish a new business relationship.

4. Focus on Interaction

Yesteryear’s advertising was extremely passive. The audience wasn’t so much talked to as they were talked at.

Today’s consumer is much smarter and more sophisticated than those before. As a result, it’s important to take a more interactive stance when building brand awareness.

Social media is a fantastic way to find and interact with your audience. Share content from your website and let loose a bit. Obviously, remain professional, but don’t be afraid to talk to your audience and establish a rapport.

5. Building Brand Awareness Through Your Community

Want a way to build brand recognition while giving back at the same time? Volunteer at an upcoming community event and sign your brand up as a sponsor.

You’ll feel great about helping out your community and get exposure simultaneously. It’s win-win!

Get Discovered

If you’re just starting a business, building brand awareness should be your priority. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be an intimidating process.

Be sure to follow this guide for easy, organic ways to boost your brand awareness.

And don’t forget to contact us if you’re looking for some help. We offer great services that can bring your brand to the world. Whether you need a website, great copy, or marketing assistance, we’re here for you.