How to Design a Website That Reflects Your Brand Identity

Posted by Mario Diaz

Your business is more than the things you make and the products you sell. It’s the connections you make and the values you bring people together under. People don’t just see your logo when they look into your company; they also see everything your company is associated with.

That’s known as your brand identity, and it’s crucial that you take control of it. If you don’t have a branding strategy, it’s easy for your business to be associated with unsavory groups and values. Without a plan on how to take control of your brand, you may lose customers as you fade into the background of your industry.

The first step to making an effective branding strategy is to make a good website. Your website is usually one of the first impressions you can make on people. So, make sure it’s a good one by staying in line with the brand you want.

Keep reading below to learn how you can design your website to truly reflect your unique brand.

Keep Your Brand Identity Consistent

The most important step to creating a good brand is to keep it consistent. Your Facebook page should be similar to your Twitter page, as well as every other social media presence you may have. You should post about the same things, in the same attitude, with the same logo.

Your website shouldn’t be any different, either. Make sure that when someone lands on your homepage, they’ll immediately recognize your company. If the brand you show on your website is different than the brand you show anywhere else, customers will feel lied to.

They’ll leave your customers, and your branding strategy will backfire.

Use the Same Color Scheme as Everything Else

Your website should echo the same themes your other web presences show off. If your web presence is usually dark and edgy, you should design your website in a similar theme. It’s the same if your brand identity is oriented around a particular community, reflect that community’s colors on your website.

Your color palette is fundamental to your audience’s experience on your website. Make sure it’s in line with your overall themes.

Your Content Shows Who You Truly Are

To express what your company stands for, you should focus on creating content that’s in line with your values. Your content should always cover your industry in some way, just like your competition likely does. Yet, you don’t need your content to cover your industry in exactly the same way as your competition.

Instead, you can try to find an angle to your content that is both compelling and unique. If your brand is unique, then your content needs to be unique. Find a voice for your blog posts that nobody else uses, film things from unusual angles, and don’t be afraid to express yourself!

Your Brand Identity is How Your Audience Knows You

Your brand identity is fundamental to your company’s success. It’s more than just a calculated way to connect with your audience and drive traffic. Your brand includes everything you stand for and everything people associate with you.

By designing your website to be consistent with your brand identity, people will feel like they know you better. They’ll have a clearer idea of what they can expect when they do business with you and will be more confident in working with you. First, though, you need a well-designed website.

For that, we’re here. Just contact us about what you need for your company, and we’ll get to work connecting you with your audience on a deeper level.