Don’t DIY a Design: 5 Reasons You Should Outsource Graphic Designers

Posted by Mario Diaz

Should you DIY or outsource graphic designer?

It’s a common question among business owners, who often feel like it saves money to do things themselves.

Graphic design may seem simple, but creating professional-quality images is more complex. If you don’t have experience in the field, you may find it very time-consuming.

If you’re tempted to create your own graphic designs, consider these five reasons for outsourcing graphic design services.

1. Graphic Design Expertise

While there aren’t mandated minimum requirements, most graphic designers have at least a bachelor’s degree in the field. No matter what the educational background, they often have extensive hands-on experience designing graphics, either in paid positions, classes, or internships.

When you outsource your graphic design work, you get instant access to those years of graphic design schooling and experience. This allows you to get a high-quality design to present your company professionally.

Along with the expertise, you get access to design programs and tools the graphic designer uses. You don’t have to buy the graphic design software or templates yourself. The versions of software that graphic designers use are often professional-quality with robust tools to ensure great results. 

Graphic designers also stay on top of the latest design trends. That means your design work follows those trends, and you don’t have to stay on top of changes in the industry.

2. Time Savings

Are you struggling to get your design ideas to turn out on paper? Or maybe you’re completely stuck on what to do.

When you don’t do graphic design on a regular basis, it takes a lot longer to get the work done. You may spend time figuring out how to use graphic design software or get images into templates. 

An outsourced graphic designer can assess what you need and quickly pull it together into a professional design. You have your graphics quickly, and you’re free to do your normal work activities. When everyone sticks to their talents and skills, everything gets done more efficiently, which can mean growth for your business.

3. Money Savings

Spending money to pay a graphic designer to save money seems counterintuitive. But the cost of outsourcing is often a better value, especially compared to hiring a full-time graphic designer.

If you’re considering in-house graphic design, you’ll likely spend a lot more on the hiring process, salary, and benefits.

That full-time employee gets paid even if you don’t have enough graphic design work to keep them busy full time. When you outsource, you only pay the graphic designer for the specific work you need.

You also need less space in the office, which can save on overhead.

4. Consistent Branding

Why does consistent branding matter? When businesses are consistent with brand image across platforms, they can see up to a 23% increase in revenue.

A graphic designer understands how to not only combine design elements that work well together but also create consistency across all graphics created for your company. 

Even something as simple as color is important to branding. The choice of color can impact brand recognition by up to 80%.

5. Different Perspective

You have your vision for your company’s designs, but you can also get stuck in your own perspective. When you outsource, you get a fresh set of eyes on your company’s design needs. That could result in a much better design than you could create with your limited vision.

Outsource Graphic Designers

When you outsource graphic designers, you free up resources within your company. You also gain the insight and ideas of an expert in the field. It can end up saving you time and money with improved results.

Explore our creative service options if you’re ready to outsource graphic design and build a consistent, professional brand image for your company.