9 Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Posted by Mario Diaz

Everyone has access to the internet these days, whether it’s through a smartphone or a smart tv. As such, they also have access to their email accounts. It’s a no-brainer that you should incorporate emails into your advertising strategies. But you’re probably asking how to use email marketing without your clients seeing it as spam. Here are nine benefits of email marketing that should convince you it’s worth the effort.

Build Credibility

Routine email marketing helps you build credibility with your audience, and people love doing business with people they know and like. You can use the platform to share helpful and informative content, as well as keep your audience in the loop with any changes to your business.

Take the opportunity to personalize your emails for that little extra that sets you apart from everyone else.

Reach Target Audience

With email, you can reach your target audience wherever they are at whatever time. Take advantage of this to empower your promotional marketing, letting readers know of any future sales, contests, and surveys to fill out.

Stay in Their Peripheral

One of the most important aspects of marketing is staying in your audience’s line of sight. The second they stop seeing your ads, they’ll forget it for another.

Email marketing ensures you’re always in their inbox, giving them important information related to your business.

Low-Cost Marketing

For small businesses, spending what you can without breaking the bank is key for their growth. One of the benefits of email marketing is how low-cost it can be.

Printing physical flyers, attending events, and hiring help cost much more than designing and sending out emails.

Collect Feedback

Most email marketing services allow you to collect feedback from your customers, such as if they read your email and actually clicked on the links.

You can also send customer satisfaction surveys to get customer feedback on a campaign, product, or even how your business should operate differently.

Generate Traffic

Another email marketing tip is to put hyperlinks to your products, contact links, and other important pages on your website. If you’re going to advertise your business, you might as well also generate traffic to your website.

Communication Channel

An overlooked benefit of email marketing is the fact that they serve as a communication channel with your audience.

Looking at the stats, over 290 billion emails are sent and received every day around the world. Most of those emails are opened on mobile devices.

Immediate Results

As a small business, immediate results are key to your growth. With email, you get the results you’re looking for right away, and they’re easy to track.

It’s Easy

The best thing about an email marketing strategy is that it’s easy to get started. Marketing platforms will walk you every step of the way, and you can build workflows to email subscribers automatically.

Benefits of Email Marketing

You’re probably excited to begin now that you know the benefits of email marketing.

Still not sure where to get started on your email marketing strategy, though? Reach out to us for help on your next project.