5 Steps for Creating an Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Posted by Mario Diaz

LinkedIn has over 500 million members!

It has fast become the go-to place for those who are seeking to employ talent. If you and your company are not represented on this platform then you are definitely missing out. You need to have a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

However, when you decide to get your profile on LinkedIn you have to be strategic about how you manage your page. You will want to avoid newbie mistakes so that you can get the word out about your company.

Here are some tips you will find helpful in achieving your goals.

1. Build a Page

The first thing you will need to do is to create a company page. When you create a company page add a company logo in the profile picture section, this will help with branding your business. Once you have completed that, go ahead and write a description of your company and include your website address.

Insert keywords into your description, this will help your page to be search engine friendly. Make sure you choose your keywords wisely and intertwine them as naturally as possible into your company description.

There will also be areas where you can fill in your company size, location and the year you were founded. All this information will help people to find your profile on LinkedIn.

2. Create Connections

Have each of your employees create a LinkedIn profile. If they have created a profile already then that is even better because they will most likely have connections.

Have all your employees follow your company page and add their position in your company to their profile. Once they have done this their profile will automatically be featured on your company page.

This gives your company more of a chance to be seen by many others based on the connections of your employees.

3. Share Great Content

Perhaps the biggest tip for using LinkedIn successfully is to share actionable content on a regular basis. Once you start writing content that will help people to do their job more effectively then you have a greater chance of showing off your expertise and building brand authority.

When you share good content on a regular basis LinkedIn rewards you for this by placing your content higher in their search results. You can even incorporate YouTube videos on your page. LinkedIn allows them to be played without the user having to go to YouTube.

You should try to post content at least once per day. It doesn’t always have to be your content. Share other interesting things that you find as well.

A Final Look at Creating a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Creating an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy requires that you get as many connections as you can. This may seem like hard work but it becomes easier when you leverage what you already have.

Get those who work for your company to connect with you, so that their connections can work for you. Make sure you have a meaningful description that is keyword rich so that you can be found in the search results.

Ensure that you satisfy the need for information by posting relevant content on a consistent basis. if you would like help with marketing your business please visit the marketing section of our website.