5 Reasons Your Company Should Create a Business App

Posted by Mario Diaz

Smartphone users spend three hours and 15 minutes on their devices each day. For the top 20% of smartphone users, this rises to a total of four and a half hours. With mobile technology being such a prevalent part of our lives, is your business doing everything possible to harness this technology to engage with your customers by learning how to create a business app?

You may think that smartphone apps are only useful for big businesses. You would, however, be wrong in this assumption. Smartphone apps are a valuable tool for any business, regardless of size.

As 81% of all US adults own a smartphone, it is essential to understand that the mobile aspect of your digital communications strategy is vital. However, this should not stop at just having a mobile-optimized website.

Here are five reasons that your company should create a business app.

1. To Improve Customer Service

Customer service is an essential element of any business. But the days of delivering all of your customer services solely in person or over the phone are long gone.

Smartphone apps offer the opportunity to create round the clock customer service for your business.

Because your service is delivered through an app, the interface will mean that it will be consistent across all pages.

2. To Increase Your Visibility

Having your branded business app on your customer’s device will mean that there is the potential to remind them of the presence of your business continually.

As your customers scroll by your app, you will be increasing your brand’s visibility.

3. To Improve Customer Loyalty

Apps that need to be created for any business should focus on generating customer loyalty.

By building in reasons for your customers to keep coming back and using your app, you will build your relationship with your customer.

Think about ways to incentivize your customers to keep coming back. One of the strongest ways that you can do this is by offering discounts or rewards for achieving a certain amount of repeat custom.

4. To Create a Direct Marketing Channel

Having an app for your business will mean that you will have direct access to your customers.

Through the use of push notifications, you will be able to send direct marketing messages that are relevant to your customers.

Remember to use this tool wisely and sparingly. If your send too many notifications or are not providing relevant offers or information, then you may find your app gets uninstalled.

5. To Boost Your Profits

The improvements in customer service, the ability to use direct marketing, and the increased customer loyalty will overall amount to an increase in sales.

As your app grows in popularity, it will pay for itself with increased sales. With the largest spend in your app budget being on development, profits will soon rise too.

How Do You Create a Business App?

If you are looking to create a business app, you will want a sleek, professional design that puts user experience at its core.

Get in touch today and talk to us about what your business needs from its app.